Enjoy Your Clean Furniture With Our 10-Step Process!

We want you to enjoy your clean furniture (couch, love seat, etc) with your family and friends.

Our cleaning process is designed to get your furniture feeling, smelling and looking great for you to enjoy. our top priority!  

Here is our 10-Step Furniture Cleaning Process to provide you with the best results, in the safest way and at the lowest price.

  1. Pre-Inspect.  We will first inspect your upholstery to make sure that we are fully prepared to complete the job and do it well.  We will also talk with you about any concerns you have or things we observe.  Any permanent stains?  We’ll point those out to you. Then we’ll get to work making sure the floor and surrounding area is well protected.
  2. Vacuum.  We will vacuum the entire couch from front to back and all of the cushions, top and bottom.  Our goal is to vacuum up all dry soils.  No crumb left behind in any cracks and crevices!
  3. Pretreat.  In order to break up any residue and stubborn spots, we will pretreat or prespray these locations.  Then, we’ll use a soft brush to begin that “emulsification” and removal of spots.
  4. Machine Clean.  After a few minutes of letting the prespray do its job, we’ll then take our low moisture machine and begin cleaning to remove all dirt, plus giving the furniture a soft, fresh feel.  No spot left behind!  
  5. Post Spot.  If any spots remain, then we’ll apply a special spot remover to make the furniture looking great.
  6. Post Groom.  With a special, gentle brush, we’ll begin the drying process by grooming the furniture along with using a fast moving fan to speed up the drying process so you can enjoy the furniture ASAP.
  7. Post Inspection. After machine cleaning the whole piece of furniture, we’ll inspect our cleaning.  Any spots remaining?  If so, then we’ll take round two for additional cleaning.  If we can remove the spot, we won’t settle for less.
  8. Customer Approval.   At this time we’ll invite you to examine our work.  We’ll discuss with you any comments we have.  We’ll also answer any questions you might have in the cleaning.  Our goal, as always, is to meet or exceed your expectations!  If you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.
  9. Furniture Protectant.  We will also offer our upholstery protectant to preserve your furniture as long as possible.  We use only the best protectant available.
  10. Final Recommendations.  After getting your thumbs up, we’ll discuss with you the frequency of cleaning the furniture and what kind of schedule you would like to keep your furniture looking great and being comfortable, safe for you, and even your pets.

Excel In Service is awarded the Von Schrader Professional Cleaners School certificate of achievement completing all phases of cleaning and maintenance for furniture and carpet cleaning so that you can rest assured your furniture is in good hands with us.  

After a detailed inspection, the technician will choose the best cleaning procedure for your needs.  

We can also apply Maxim Advanced for a furniture protectant.  Vacuuming becomes easier, faster and more effective in removing damaging dry soils when you have a protectant applied.  “Maxim Advanced for Upholstery leaves the fine fabrics cleaner, brighter, and fresher-and, it’s safe for children and pets!”

Whether you have heavily soiled fabrics or you need just a light cleaning, our 10 step process is ready to get your furniture looking and feeling as close as possible to its original condition. After all, we want you to enjoy your clean furniture just like when you first purchased it.

Call us today for a free estimate for furniture cleaning (also carpet cleaning or some other cleaning service) or if you have any questions (816-507-2275). You can also email us at the contact page.


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